Solidwool optimizes sustainability with robotic machining

Application: need applications
Industry: need industries

Robotmaster enhances the efficiency of Solidwool manufacturing process while helping with sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of its products. ...
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Trane® saves over 80 hours of robot programming time

Application: Tube Rolling
Industry: HVAC

Trane® – by Trane Technologies a global climate innovator – uses Robotmaster to increase their tube rolling output by 50% while reducing programming time from 80+ hours to 30 minutes ...
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KUKA robot programmed to polish aircraft engines

Application: Polishing
Industry: Aerospace

McStarlite uses a KUKA robot programmed with Robotmaster® to perform polishing (jitterbug) of the inlet lipskins for the A350 Airbus ...
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Robots bring stone mason's skills into the 21st century

Application: Stone Milling
Industry: Architecture

Johnson Wellfield Quarries machines and sculpts organic shaped planters with a Stäubli robot programmed with Robotmaster ...
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Robot integrator cuts programming time by 50%

Application: Trimming/Milling
Industry: Automotive

Flow Applications Group, robot integrator for high pressure water jet cutting systems for Tier 1 automotive manufacturers, cuts down programming time from half a day to 15 minutes ...
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Robot software is first class for weber aircraft

Application: Trimming/Milling
Industry: Aerospace

Weber Aircraft uses a robotic routing cell and Robotmaster software to increase production capacity for plastic food trays for commercial aircraft seats, while reducing costs and maintaining product quality ...
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Cutting-Edge Robotics with Robotmaster

Application: Carbon Composite Trimming
Industry: Military

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems uses Robotmaster software to develop tool trajectories for a 7-axis waterjet robotic work cell that increased production output and precision for cutting wing flap hinges ...
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Increased precision and repeatability with OLP

Application: Deburring
Industry: Aircraft Engines

AV&R Robotics implements Robotmaster software to achieve high precision and repeatability in their material removal processes, leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs ...
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OLP used for the creation of custom orthotics

Application: Orthopedic Milling
Industry: Prosthetics/Orthotics

Robotmaster used to create custom orthotics with high precision and efficiency, producing over 3000 unique products in less than two years, three times faster than conventional milling methods ...
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Architecture and design meets robotics

Industry: Academic Research

Carnegie Mellon University's Digital Fabrication Lab uses Robotmaster to create milling programs for an ABB robot and paves the way for innovative manufacturing technologies to be used in the field ...
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CAD/CAM based root programming for milling

Application: Trimming/Milling
Industry: Military/Medical

Offline robot programming software, Robotmaster, used for milling processes as it produces robot trajectories from CAD/CAM data and complements the enhanced robot tolerances ...
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