Robotmaster can be used for programming the robotic dispensing of adhesives and seals.

Advantages for Robotic Dispensing Applications

  • A CAD/CAM robotics program for dispensing of seals and adhesives can be generated automatically from a CAD model and subsequently modified with minimal effort to adjust for bead size, nozzle or applicator tip diameter
  • Seal paths can be programmed directly using the groove geometries in the CAD model for fast and accurate dispensing
  • Ability to automatically activate/deactivate the applicator
  • Tool orientations can be managed automatically to optimize the CAD/CAM robotics program for minimal wrist rotation and maximize robot reach
  • Joint repositioning tools can be used to easily control the dispensing robot configurations and wrist winding/unwinding for optimal milling trajectories
  • Calibration tools that compensate for actual part setup


Application Image

Robotic Dispensing with ABB robot