Robotmaster CAD/CAM Programming

Our strong background in CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software has enabled us to bring a revolutionary approach to programming industrial robots.

Robotmaster delivers unmatched, full-function off-line programming capability for robots - easy programming of precise robot motion control and quick generation of path trajectories of any size, with minimal programmer intervention.

Enables your robot for short production runs, even for runs of one!

Robotmaster shrinks robotic programming time from hours to minutes by generating robot control code directly from CAD/CAM tools.

Facilitates the most complex application tasks

Robotmaster delivers the closest conformance to design, creating accurate robot trajectories, optimized for your process and tooling, accurately, without teaching points.

Maximizes the productivity and profitability of your robot

Robotmaster programming is completely off-line, decoupling planning and set-up from production. Its powerful workspace simulation tools assure error-free consideration of workspace and part orientation and constraints.

Takes the programmer out of programming

Robotmaster provides intuitive, graphical interfaces customized to your application, that allow your process expert to apply his knowledge and experience to get the best results without having to become an expert in industrial robotics or robot software.

Robotmaster CAD/CAM Programming

Struggling to program a robot the way you do a CNC machine tool? Robotmaster is up to the challenge:

Not easy to intuitively check robot joint limits and robot-to-part collisions?

Robotmaster automatically checks programs for joint limits, robot reach limitations and collisions.

Need to manually touch-up and rework your off-line programmed points?

Robotmaster inherently calculates robot joint values and properly sets parameters to give seamless program playback without manual intervention.

Is CAD/CAM data not enough to provide position and orientation data for a 6-axis robot?

Robotmaster uses automated settings for orienting the robot tool to manage trajectories with complex orientation changes.

Does your program produce errors and stops running when it passes through a robot singularity?

Robotmaster checks for singularity and has powerful tools to correct programs containing singularities.

How do you select from up to 8 possible configurations for your robot for every one of its programmed points?

Robotmaster can vary configurations for optimal programming of trajectories or follow your specific robot configuration choice.

Are inaccuracies in your part or tool setup causing production delays as you make tedious manual adjustments?

Robotmaster eliminates adjustments and increases program accuracy by calibrating the physical part and tool setup with the virtual CAD model.