Robotmaster 2023

Bridge the gap between CAD/CAM and robotics with Robotmaster 2023.

As part of Hypertherm Associates' commitment to innovation and to helping manufacturers around the globe embrace modern manufacturing with automation, the robotic software team at Hypertherm Associates delivers the latest technology in robot programming with the new Robotmaster 2023.

Robotmaster 2023 bridges the gap between CAD/CAM and robotics. In this highly anticipated version, users can expect many enhancements and features to simplify and automate the programming experience. Some of the many enhancements include:

Two methods of generating robotic paths

In addition to Robotmaster’s automatic CAD to path generation functionality, users can leverage a seamless integration between Robotmaster and a user’s chosen CAD/CAM software to generate toolpaths.

With the new Robotmaster Bridge, all the necessary data (CAD, toolpaths, tools, process parameters) needed to perform robotic programming can be easily imported and synchronized to be used to generate optimized and error-free robotic code.

Cell components at your fingertips

New within the cell creator is the Robotmaster Cell Catalog. This allows robotic integrators, partners, and users to define, configure, and import/export their own robotic cell components. The new Cell Catalog provides a more convenient way to store and re-use cell components making cell design, integration, and commissioning process in the cell editor faster and easier by reducing the cost of building and editing a cell every time.

Spend less time programming and more time producing

Customer-driven improvements to support the latest CAD formats, enhancements to the CAM modules, UI (user interface), UX (user experience), and overall performance enhancements that facilitate the creation of trajectories and further to improve the programming experience.

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“Robotmaster 2023 improves upon an already powerful and intuitive user interface to make robotic programming easier and faster. The new functionality is very focused on delivering on customer needs and requests, and processes like deburring, trimming, polishing, welding, milling. The new bridge, for example, gives our users flexibility in their programming workflow. Whether they wish to use a CAD/CAM package for path trajectory creation or leverage Robotmaster's integrated path generation functionality Robotmaster is part of the solution.”

Carlos Marcovici, Director of RobotM-Br - Robotmaster Distributor for South America