RobotM-Br Reinforces the Growing Presence of Robotmaster in Latin America at Feimafe 2015

Montreal, CANADA and São Paulo, BRAZIL, June 9, 2015 – Thousands of people attended Feimafe 2015 at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion from May 18 – 23 to gain insight, best practices, and key learning’s into the world of machine tooling and manufacturing. As the premier conference and trade show for machining, Feimafe was the perfect platform for Robotmaster to be a part of cutting-edge technology from across the globe. More than 70,000+ visitors from close to 60 countries attended the show – all with one goal – to get the latest product and service information in the machine tool and quality control market.

At several booths, visitors had the opportunity to see what Robotmaster’s CAD/CAM programming solution is capable of and get a notion of how their work can be simplified with a high-performance software. With Robotmaster’s recent support of Nachi robots, visitors were also treated to a Nachi MZ07 robot demonstrating the milling process. To view the video, please visit the Robotmaster Facebook page:

Carlos Marcovici, Director, states, “Feimafe 2015 was the ideal platform for Robotmaster to showcase its capabilities to different types of manufacturers who seek to adopt robots with little or no expertise. Robotmaster seamlessly integrates offline programming, optimization, and simulation to any CAD/CAM platform for easy robot programming. By attending Feimafe, we continue to expand our reach to provide programming technology that propels robotics into a new and emerging renaissance.”

Marcovici and his team discussed the wide range of benefits that Robotmaster brings to the robotic industry and why manufacturers looking to generate more profit for their robot should choose Robotmaster as their definitive choice. Manufacturers that had attempted to program robots before and who understood the hurdles left the booth in amazement at the sight of how easy they could import or create a CAD model, simulate a process, and resolve common robotic issues while using an integrated software solution.

Hexagon Metrology, a leading global provider of design, measurement, and visualization technologies, was also present at Feimafe. At the Hexagon booth, Robotmaster and Kuka Robots made a significant impact as visitors experienced the programming of a white light scanner. Furthermore, Marcovici enlightened those in attendance on some of the features of Robotmaster V6.2 along with several new developments in the pipeline.

Robotmaster would like to thank everyone that inquired about its robot programming technologies which enable versatile and profitable robotic solutions for industrial manufacturing applications. Exciting developments also lie ahead for upcoming shows slated for October and November.

Robotmaster continues to enhance the robot programming experience with its intuitive and dynamic user-experience. Customers seeking to generate more profit for their robot with a simplified and interactive software are encouraged to contact Robotmaster to further discuss their needs.

About Robotmaster Brazil

Based in São Paulo, RobotM-Br is the exclusive distributor for all Robotmaster software distribution and implementation for Brazil. With 25+ years of experience, RobotM-Br is strategically positioned to serve the robotic software market by offering an innovative approach to robot manufacturers and integrators.