Say goodbye to headaches caused by using simulation software that doesn't take any and all robotic errors into account before you run the simulation!

How? Robotmaster has been designed to put the user in complete control of the entire process. Simply import the CAD model of your part and create your path with a ‘click’.

Robotmaster creates perfect robot trajectories quickly without costly and tedious iterations. Select your operation, tool and robot. Assign your set-up. Done! Robotic path planning is automated! Optimization is automated!

You are the process expert. You understand the task and know the outcome you want. Robotmaster helps you get your task to the robot in record time. No robotic expertise necessary!

Get error free results every time!

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About Robotmaster Software

Hypertherm's Robotic Software team develops Robotmaster, the world’s leading CAD/CAM robot programming software, used by some of the largest multinationals and the smallest industrial manufacturing shops performing short customized runs. Its revolutionary state-of-the-art architecture harnesses robot flexibility to exploit the full capabilities of any robotic cell while dramatically improving the profitability of those high-mix, low-volume productions. No matter how simple or complex, from a straightforward plasma cutting cell to deburring and additive manufacturing applications, error-free task-based programming is just a click away. It’s software so advanced, anyone can use it!