Robotmaster Exhibiting at CMTS 2019

Montreal, CANADA, September 25, 2019 – Hypertherm's Robotic Software team, developers of Robotmaster, will be exhibiting at CMTS 2019 which will be held from September 30 - October 3 at The International Centre in Toronto, Canada. Located in booth 1010, passerby's and visitors of the booth will get an opportunity to see a preview of the world's most advanced CAD/CAM based offline robot programming software.

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Manufacturers and job shops with high-mix, low-volume production often struggle to justify the time and expertise required to program robotic cells. Mass customization, shorter production runs and smaller lot sizes challenge traditional automation methods. Manufacturing is changing and technology must keep pace. Today, the implementation of automated manufacturing processes must be as dynamic as the market and robot programming must be equally agile.

Until now, harnessing the boundless flexibility of robots was the exclusive domain of large companies with deep pockets. Robotmaster changes all that. With over 16 years of research & development and their strong background in CAD/CAM software, Hypertherm's Robotic Software team has been able to bring a revolutionary approach to programming industrial robots. Today, Robotmaster software is running on robots drilling airplane fuselages, polishing automotive dies, and adding value to a multitude of processes at family-owned job shops around the world. 

Visit us at CMTS to know how you can take full advantage of your robot cell and increase your profitability with your high-mix, low-volume production runs.

If you're interested in finding out more and won't be able to make it to Toronto, go here to request more info!

See and be part of the revolution of robot programming!

See you in Toronto!