Jabez Technologies wins Game Changer Awards

Jabez win game changer award
ROBOTMASTER V6 seamlessly integrates robot programming, simulation and code generation inside CAM software, delivering quicker robot programming. Unlike existing solutions that depend on either manual point-by-point programming or sub-optimal, hit-or-miss automation, ROBOTMASTER leverages mature CAD/CAM techniques to automate generation of optimized trajectories and combines this with a visual, interactive environment that provides the flexibility of quick editing. Instead of tedious point-by-point interaction, the user can bend and shape a path curve by quick-and-drag action, simultaneously modifying a multitude of points - the ideal combination of human and machine intelligence.

Evolving robotic architectures that offer increased flexibility also significantly increase complexity associated with managing over-determined mechanisms. These redundancies create difficult issues, such as singularity, joint wind-up and reach errors that are difficult to foresee. ROBOTMASTER visualizes the impact of redundancies on task success/failure to take full advantage of opportunities they offer for task optimisation. While robot manufacturers have developed stiffer more precise robots, optimized for machine tooling applications, industry adoption is slowed by the lack of adequate programming tools for complex trajectories. Existing methods are too complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive to be practical in today’s high mix, low volume production environment.

ROBOTMASTER integrates into the CAD/CAM CNC programming environment with which industry is already familiar to create complex robot trajectories accurately without teaching points, directly from the CAD models. Programming of the robot trajectory is done graphically to produce error-free 6 or 7 axis robot tool paths in hours instead of the days required by conventional methods. Compatible with the robots and end-of-arm tooling from all major industry suppliers, ROBOTMASTER is a key enabler to bridge the gap between traditional CNC programming and milling robot programming. It thus breaks through an important barrier impeding the entry of the robotics industry into the machine tooling market. ROBOTMASTER allows quicker integration of robot into the trimming, milling and cutting markets by providing the manufacturing engineer with easy tools to solve the complex robot programming issues, even if he has little or no robotics experience.

ROBOTMASTER eliminates programming barriers to allow integrators to confidently and deliberately expand into this new application market. ROBOTMASTER validates and fine-tunes programs in its INTERACTIVE SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT that views robot motion, either the robot only or entire manufacturing cell, in continuous or step mode, by individual operation or complete toolgroup, automatically detects joint limits, robot reach limitations and collisions and allows the user to intuitively modify the robot’s positions and trajectories, manually or automatically, by a simple click-and-drag of the robot’s arm, axes, tools or work piece in the simulation.

ROBOTMASTER is a fully integrated solution that permits seamless interaction between CAD/CAM and robot programming functionality, allowing trajectory optimization and integrated robot kinematics and simulation for a wide portfolio of robot models and brands. It reduces programming time substantially, increases accuracy and enables ultimate motion control with its integrated, intuitive, interactive simulation environment - the key to the programming barrier for complex trajectories milling, trimming, welding, deburring, dispensing and more.