Paint/Spray Coating

Robots can precisely control spray angle, speed and flow intensity for complete and consistent coverage over complex surfaces. Robotmaster simulates coverage using spray parameters to automate the programming of optimized paths, ensuring precise coverage over all surfaces with minimal effort.

Advantages for robot painting and spray-coating applications

Spray-coating programs for robots can be generated automatically from the CAD model and subsequently modified with minimal effort to adjust for:

  • Change of spray shape
  • Nozzle diameter
  • Nozzle to part distance
  • Depth of passes
  • Number of coats
  • Entry/exit can be managed to extend automatically beyond the CAD model
  • Automatically manage and change the distance between steps without re-programming the part
  • Even step distances ensure spray consistency
  • Tool orientations can be managed automatically to optimize the program for minimal wrist rotation and maximize robot reach

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Differentiator in Robotic Thermal Spraying Whitepaper

Whitepaper: The Differentiator in Robotic Thermal Spraying


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