Robotmaster can be used for robot programming for routing, cutting (using plasma, laser, torch and water jet) and for other types of trimming applications, including compliant knife.

Advantages for trimming applications

Robot programming for trimming and cutting paths can be generated automatically from the CAD model and subsequently modified with minimal effort to adjust for:

  • Diameter of cutter
  • Depth of cut
  • Number of cuts
  • Tool orientations can be managed automatically to optimize the program for minimal wrist rotation and maximize robot reach
  • Ability to manage and optimize entries and exits
  • Ability to automatically activate/deactivate spindle or tool
  • Joint repositioning tools can be used to easily control the robot configurations and wrist winding/unwinding for optimal trimming trajectories
  • Ability to program, simulate and use multiple tools
  • Calibration tools that compensate for actual part setup


Robot program for trimming of a thermoformed aerospace part using a Staubli robot and a small spindle

Robot programming for trimming an aerospace part fixtured with a Universal Holding Fixture (UHF) with a KUKA robot

Robotic programming for trimming