Robotmaster 2024

Program multi-robot cells and automatically solve robotic errors with ease in Robotmaster® 2024.

Hypertherm Associates announces a new version to its robotic programming software. Robotmaster 2024 addresses key market trends including the support for programming multiple robots in a single work cell and the demand for automatic trajectory optimization and robotic error correction.

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Sequential robotics

Use Robotmaster to program multiple robots to perform different processes in the same cell environment. Utilize powerful programming tools and benefit from true and unmatched optimization strategies. Another way Robotmaster enables users to shorten cycle times and boost output.

Automatic optimization and error correction

Robotmaster's optimization and error correction tools encapsulated into one. With a single click, Robotmaster employs its suite of optimization tools to review, plan, and present the user an optimal and error-free program. The new Auto Solve tool compliments Robotmaster's reputation as being intuitive and easy-to-use, enhancing user productivity and further lowering the need for robotic expertise.

Robotmaster 2024 also includes improvements to cell and tooling editor as well as improvements to the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) to facilitate the programming experience.

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