Getting the most out of robots

Enabling industrial robotics in manufacturing

With Robotmaster, manufacturers can program robots quickly and efficiently, using industry proven CAD/CAM robotics software technology. Driven by the growing trend towards lean and flexible manufacturing, robots are progressively replacing conventional dedicated manufacturing units, such as CNC milling machines. Robots, once perceived as only positioning devices, have advanced in accuracy and rigidity, and are now being used increasingly for manufacturing and material removal. With industrial robotics, manufacturers are producing higher quality products at lower cost, and are achieving the speed and flexibility they need to challenge their competitors throughout the world.

According to the International Federation of Robotics as of 2013 over 1.5 million robots were estimated to be in operation in industrial applications worldwide, and an additional 160,000 are being sold every year. While many companies currently using CNC machines have been exploring the opportunity of manufacturing robots with the use of industrial robotics, they have been limited by a lack of time and cost-effective robotic programming tools. Currently less than 1% of robots are programmed using CAD/CAM (computer aided design and manufacturing) software because of a lack of mature robotic programming solutions. Robotmaster eliminates this barrier.

Robotmaster delivers:

  • Cost-efficiency and flexibility of robots coupled with the ease of programming.
  • Programming of robots from CAD/CAM software as easy as CNC machine programming.
  • A sure way to beat the competition -worldwide- on cost, flexibility and response time.

Revolutionary CAD/CAM approach to robot programming software

Our strong background in CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software has enabled us to bring a revolutionary approach to programming for industrial robotics. Unlike the wide range of simulation software packages that claim to be off-line programming for robots while truly only offering very limited programming capability, Robotmaster delivers easy robotic programming of precise tool motion control and quick generation of long tool path trajectories with minimal programmer intervention.

Robotmaster uses mature CAD/CAM software technologies for robotic programming with the same flexibility and speed as software used for programming CNC machine tools. Conventional off-line robot software programming solutions are based on either a very cumbersome and tedious point to point programming approach or a post-processor solution that offers very little flexibility and functionality.

Robotmaster CAD/CAM programming:

  • Generates more profit with your robot. Robotmaster generates programs off-line and eliminates lost production time during programming.
  • Delivers closest conformance to design. Robotmaster creates simple or complex robot trajectories accurately without teaching points.

Integrated robot programming software solution

Robotmaster seamlessly integrates programming, simulation and program generation to any CAD/CAM platform. The multi-software approach of conventional off-line robot software solutions forces the use of one software for CAD/CAM programming, another for converting trajectories to robot positions and finally a third to simulate and validate the programmed trajectories.


Robotmaster Integrated Solution


Multi-software Approach

Integrated programming produces:

  • Quicker robot programming, validation and code generation.
  • Easy program updates and revisions.

Evolution of robot programming

evolution chart

Using MANUAL TEACH PENDANTS, robots "learn" from the operator jogging the robot through the trajectory and recording points, one point at a time, using the robot's teach pendant. Robotmaster takes the process off-line and engineers the robot program from the design drawings.

OFF-LINE EMULATORS reproduce the manual teach process in an off-line setting, using a simulation software environment in place of the robot's teach pendant. Robotmaster follows the path-intensive CAD model accurately and automatically and permits easy updating and revision of the program.

GENERATION 1 OFF-LINE SOFTWARE provides a CAD software environment for manual input of robot parameters for every point of a desired path, one at a time, on a CAD model. Robotmaster automatically generates the full robot trajectory from any CAD/CAM tool path strategy in a fraction of the time.

GENERATION 2 OFF-LINE SOFTWARE generates a robot trajectory by following trajectories drawn manually within a CAD modelling software. Robotmaster automatically generates the full robot trajectory from any CAD/CAM tool path strategy, building direct links between the CAD model and the tool path, without the need to manually draw any additional geometry.

A CAD/CAM POINT CONVERTER is a CAD/CAM post processor, robot simulator utility or standalone software that converts tool path output by CAD/CAM software into a robot trajectory for a specific model or brand of robot. Robotmaster is a fully integrated solution that permits seamless interaction between CAD/CAM and robot programming functionality, allowing trajectory optimization and integrated robot kinematics and simulation for a wide portfolio of robot models and brands.

Solving programming challenges

Struggling how to program a robot the way you do a CNC machine tool? Robotmaster is up to the challenge:

Not easy to check intuitively robot joint limits and robot-to-part collisions?

Robotmaster automatically checks programs for joint limits, robot reach limitations and collisions.


Need to do manual touch-up and rework of your off-line programmed points?

Robotmaster inherently calculates robot joint values and properly sets parameters to give seamless program playback without manual intervention.


CAD/CAM data is not enough to provide position and orientation data for a 6-axis robot?

Robotmaster uses automated settings for orienting the robot tool to manage trajectories with complex orientation changes.


Your program produces errors and stops running when it passes through one of your robot’s singularity zones?

Robotmaster checks for singularity and has powerful tools to correct programs containing singularities.


How to select from the up to 8 possible configurations that your robot has to achieve everyone of its programmed points?

Robotmaster can vary configurations for optimal programming of trajectories or follow your specific robot configuration choice.


Inaccuracies in your part or tool setup cause production delays as you make manual adjustments?

Robotmaster eliminates adjustments and increases program accuracy by calibrating the physical part and tool setup with the virtual CAD model.