Robotmaster can be used to generate a robot program for deburring rough edges of machined parts or gears, or for any other process that requires smoothing of edges or surfaces using a variety of tools and techniques including mills, rotary files, abrasive disks, brushes and pads.

Advantages for Robotic Deburring Applications

  • Robot programming for deburring gears or other machined parts can be generated automatically from the CAD model and subsequently modified with minimal effort to adjust for:
    • Change of cutter shape
    • Diamater of cutter
    • Depth of cuts
    • Number of cuts
    • And many additional
  • Ability to program and manage tool tilt directions for optimal surface contact increasing the surface finish quality and tool life
  • Tool orientations can be managed automatically to optimize the program for minimal wrist rotation and maximize welding robot reach
  • Joint repositioning tools can be used to easily control the robot configurations and wrist winding/unwinding for optimal deburring trajectories
  • Ability to program, simulate and use multiple robotic deburring tools
  • Calibration tools that compensate for actual part setup


YouTube video

Robotic CAD/CAM programming for deburring gears using a Staubli robot and a disk cutter