About Us

Our goal is simple: to provide customers with industrial robot programming technologies that enable versatile and profitable robotic solutions for manufacturing applications.

As such, we focus on the development of easy industrial robot programming tools that efficiently generate CAD/CAM-based robot trajectories to increase robot capacity and flexibility in the aerospace, transport, high technology, military, medical and industrial manufacturing markets.

Our partners include progressive robot manufacturers, integrators and CAD/CAM software vendors. Working together, we provide integrated solutions that meet evolving industry requirements and challenges.

Our history

Starting out in 2001 as Jabez Technologies, we were unwilling to accept the prevailing industry belief that teaching was the best way to program industrial robots. We wanted to prove that off-line programming through the use of CAD/CAM software was the better choice.

In 2002 we unveiled the first version of Robotmaster CAD/CAM robotic software. An overwhelmingly positive response from robot integrators and manufacturers proved we were on the right track. This led us to combine our expertise in CAD/CAM software development technologies with applied mathematics and robot kinematics to perfect and extend the suite of functionalities found in Robotmaster software.

In the years that followed, we continued to evolve the software, expanding to support a vast array of industrial robots across multiple industries. Today Robotmaster-powered robots are adept at jobs such as trimming and cutting, machining, deburring, welding, polishing, sanding, painting and more.

The capabilities of Robotmaster have not gone unnoticed, winning praise and accolades from customers and media alike. The software's ability to make the CAD / CAM programming of industrial robots fast, easy, and efficient earned it the Game Changer Award for Motion Control at the 2013 RoboBusiness Conference. In addition, CIO Review Magazine named us to its list of the 20 Most Promising Robotics Solutions Providers.

Now part of Hypertherm and operating as Hypertherm's Robotic Software Team, we are able to leverage Hypertherm's global infrastructure and engineering resources to meet the rapidly evolving industry requirements and challenges and make it easier for robotic programmers and integrators to achieve optimal results.

machine armThis picture, taken in 2001, shows our first test at milling a 3D mold using a robot.