Robotmaster V6.5

We are glad to announce that Robotmaster V6.5 is now available!

What's new in 6.5

  • Mastercam 2017 Adapter
  • Improve maps of TTP (Tool Tilt Planning) around TCP frame
  • Mastercam X9 and 2017 - New Tool Type Support
  • Tool Profile Arcs Segmentation
  • Lollipop Tool Flute Length support
  • SEP V6 enhancements (new events, tool number, external axes, joint coordinates, model transparency)
  • 3P3R robots general solution support
  • Cell setup utility supports world transformation
  • Update of the Japanese help files
  • NC File Import with Tip Compensation
  • Robotmaster SDK improved: more control and new methods available
  • Material end caps for custom cross-section
  • Update the opacity range values to use 0 to 100

Post-processor enhancements

  • Aplus (material addition module) support has been added to ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman and Staubli Post Processors
  • Staubli:
    • Logic for multiple external axis output expanded (up to 3 rails & 2 rotaries)
    • Better management of Macro Calls (Wait commands, disabling the “Call” output, etc.)
  • Kuka:
    • New Base Synchronisation switches
    • Enhancement of Kuka IIWA support
  • Fanuc:
    • Support of Multiturn J5 Robots (P-250 series)
  • Universal Robots:
    • Joint Speed is now output in rad/s

Bugs fixed

  • Collision on joint move not working when the move type is SA or SR
  • Collision map error caused by wrong TTP calculation
  • Opening an old file with 6.4, Robotmaster displays a message saying the file will be updated to 6.3
  • Collisions not detected between Holder and Fixture
  • Tool Side Tilt issue with co-linear toolpath points
  • Robot setup utility breaks some robots with parallel links
  • Rail control does not take into account base transform
  • Fix the display of the paint cone
  • Fix a synchronization issue when using Mastercam “Save As”